Secondhand Tempestor Prime

Secondhand Tempestor Prime

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These Secondhand Miniature/s are for Warhammer 40k by Games Workshop, and are assembled as shown in their picture/s. The listing is “what you see is what you get” so make sure that the "Unit" you choose from the dropdown box is the same as the pictured miniature/s that you want. ("Unit" A, B, C... etc. will correspond to the letter in the picture.) 

We sell our Secondhand Miniatures in Minimum sized units or by how many come in a box, whichever is cheaper. This helps make playing the game and filling out armies more accessible for everyone no matter their budget. (i.e a unit that comes 10 to a box might only require 5 minimum to field as a unit, so we would sell this unit in a group of 5) 

These miniatures have been rated at a 6.5/10 “Acceptable” according to our Condition Guide.

We do not currently offer refunds unless you receive the wrong product.

If you receive the wrong product please contact us at : and include "Refund: wrong product" in your subject line and your order number in your email. We will work with you to fix this problem.

Our previously owned items have picture/s to show their condition and some of our new in box items might have manufacturer offered returns or refunds.

We DO NOT warranty any of our "New" products, the manufacturers will need to be contacted about issues with their products.