Models and Pricing

Secondhand Miniatures Condition Guide

At, we believe in providing clear and accurate information about the condition of our secondhand miniatures. Please refer to the following categories to understand the condition of the miniatures you're interested in purchasing:

  1. New in Box

    • Description: A new product that might or might not be sealed. Comes in its original packaging with instructions.
  2. New on Sprue

    • Description: New/Unused product without instructions or packaging. Miniatures are on the sprue and have not been clipped or partially assembled. Comes with appropriate bases.
  3. SH-Excellent

    • Description: Product ready to prime and paint, or partially assembled with most options included.
  4. SH-Good

    • Description: Product put together well, primed, or painted decently. Minimal stripping or trimming needed.
  5. SH-Average

    • Description: Average condition, may require some mold line removal or sanding. Can be painted to a tabletop standard with minor cleanup.
  6. SH-Fair

    • Description: Miniatures needing medium work, such as stripping, cleanup, or repairs. May be missing details (spikes, glue frosting, decorative pieces) product can be brought to playable with medium amounts of effort, these products will not be easy to make really pretty
  7. SH-Poor

    • Description: Miniatures missing pieces or significantly worn. Requires serious work or conversion. Offers the deepest discount requires largest amount of time to make pretty or playable. 

If you have any questions about our secondhand miniatures or their condition, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help!