Shipping Policy

We know shipping can be outrageous and can easily double what is supposed to be a low price purchases. Due to this, we at Secondhand Soldiers do our very best to save you money on shipping costs by subscribing to shipping discount services and offering multiple companies and options. 

As an additional benefit to our customers we offer to cover some of the shipping cost to help. While most websites offer "Free Shipping" once you hit a certain milestone (which rewards only the big spenders) we cover a fixed portion of your shipping charging "Fixed Rates" based on package size and weight.

(We will have this update soon to better explain this)

Please allow 2-3 business days for handling. We will always ship as soon as possible but a handling time allows us time to properly package your potentially fragile purchase. 

We do our very best to package your Secondhand purchase to ensure that it arrives in the same condition it left our store in. We can not guarantee that couriers will treat your purchase with the same care. Secondhand miniatures are often fragile and there is no way to guarantee perfect results so please take this into consideration. Our goal is to package them to the best of our ability to avoid breaks AND catch the pieces if breaks occur. If your order is damaged in shipping most of the time this damage can be easily fixed with a little super glue or plastic glue, if you feel that the damage is irreparable or that the courier handled your package inappropriately please address this issue with the courier service.

Keep in mind that we do not offer international shipping, customs is a pain and small mistakes in paperwork could delay an order by weeks. If you live out of the United States please do not purchase from our store unless you plan to send it to a domestic (US) address.