Bravo, Star of the Show [EVR017] (Everfest) 1st Edition Normal

Bravo, Star of the Show [EVR017] (Everfest)  1st Edition Normal

Bravo, Star of the Show [EVR017] (Everfest) 1st Edition Normal

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Set: Everfest
Edition: 1st Edition
Finish: Regular
Type: Hero
Rarity: Majestic
Class: Elemental Guardian
Life: 40
Intellect: 4
Essence of Earth, Ice, and Lightning (You may have Earth, Ice, and Lightning cards in your deck.) At the start of your turn, you may reveal an Earth, an Ice, and a Lightning card from your hand. If you do, the next attack action card with cost 3 or greater you play this turn gains +2[Power], dominate, and go again.

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