Gamegenic PRIME Standard Card Game Value Pack (66 x 91 mm)

Gamegenic PRIME Standard Card Game Value Pack (66 x 91 mm)

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Sleeve Size: 66 x 91 mm / 200 Sleeves p. packFor card size up to 64 x 89 mmCompatible with: Magic the Gathering™, Gloomhaven™, Terraforming Mars™, Arkham Horror LCG™, Brass: Birmingham™ and Brass: Lancashire™, Clank!™, Clank! In! Space!™, Spirit Island™, Pandemic™, Star and Hero Realms™ and more!One can never have too many sleeves! - The Standard Card Game Value Pack contains 200 standard-sized sleeves to protect a large number of gaming cards. This allows professional protection for large TCG decks or board games. These sleeves are made with the same quality standards as all Prime Board Game Sleeves.FEATURES 200 sleeves per pack Extra-high clarity Ideal size and fitting Reinforced thickness for strong sleeves Easy shuffling Acid-free. No PVC Digital rendering shown. Depicted accessories, such as cards, dice, etc. are not included.

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